Monday, December 19, 2005

dubai - i miss:

- the sun, sand, sea, shawarmahs & shopping
- the white sand beaches
- the hatta caves
- sitting on the rocks beyond the pier at the jumeirah beach and bonding with my best friends (s, a & z)
- celebrating birthdays at johnny rockets
- spending nyeve on the beach reflecting on our year's ups and downs
- walking in the heat to get a shawarmah
- the spice souq in deira
- taking a dhow ride on the dubai creek
- walking home from school on sunday after math
- a saturday morning spent at the dubai arts centre
- a book reading at the british council
- a cup of chai, turkey sandwich and a relaxing evening spent with the doc at shakespeare cafe
- exercising my car's need for speed on sh. zayed road
- our annual beach camp on jebel ali beach (even when i got stung by a jelly fish)
- sharing those 10 mins with my dad on my way to school
- my organ
- the dubai ballet centre
- the cheesecake factory
- creative-storming with a & s
- being understood
- missisippi mud at baskins
- mango, riverisland & assecorize at the deira city centre
- our annual trips to the hatta resort
- biking with s
- the sun, the sun, did i mention, the sun?


Nabeel said...

there is so much going on in Dubai .. i posted an entry about dubai on my blog, i think u should check it out. It's skiing in Dubai.

But coming back .. there is so much going on in Dubai .. but i heard that people there are not nice and helpful. Racism is the order of the day. I was thinking about moving there, but after hearing what people have to say .. i am re-evaluating.

You can find everything from fashion to technology to awe inspiring arhitecture but not a humble person. Am I right?

mehfish said...

hey nis, came across your blog through orkut ...
i miss dubai too =( ... doesn't matter how much it changes, it will always be home .. in a very used-to-be home kind of way.

Anonymous said...

u mentioned u miss the cheese cake factory.. where is it in dubai ??? i've looking for it for ages now?

Anonymous said...

come on now! that's a bias! we have almost all of that in canada - par the people-! but ofcourse,its the people that make us who we are!