Tuesday, May 24, 2011

!nkspiration: Anna Williams Photography

As a regular Martha Stewart Living reader, I've been coming across Anna William's fabulous photography but today I took some time to look over her website and it blew me away.

Her images are refreshing and so inspiring.. To see more of her work, you can visit her website..

(images via Anna Williams website)

Ballet Recital

 A perfect start to Mother's Day weekend this year was attending Z's ballet recital. Z has been doing ballet for a semester now and she loves it. She anxiously waits for Wednesday and is most sad at the end of her class. We were a bit anxious as to Z's stage nerves. She seemed excited in the week leading up to the show but with a three-year old, it's sometimes hard to tell what their excitement will translate to in front of an audience. She was awesome - she seemed to be enjoying herself on stage and actually performed, following her teacher's cues!

Her teacher, Jeanelle is super awesome! She is almost full term pregnant and still teaching a handful of classes and she put together an awesome show! I can only imagine what goes into hosting/organizing a performance with kids aged 3-8.

We celebrated with a sushi dinner and mango ice cream...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Modern Cave

Influenced by the '70s organic architecture, Alexandre de Betak created a modern cave home that he spent 10 years dreaming about, five years looking for a location to build it, two years designing it and two years actually building it. Located in a small coastal village in Majorca, it is modern yet warm.

I love it, aren't the tree bark bookshelves gorgeous?

(photos via T Magazine)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I spy...

Z's favourite car-game after her visit to Austin is, 'I spy'. Since spelling and alphabets is still a bit overwhelming for her; we play the 'colour' version of the game. On our drive home from my mom's last night, after sunset, we're (ofcourse) playing I spy and it happens to be Z's turn...

Z: I spy with my teeny meeny eye, something that is the colour yellow!

A: The lid of your milk bottle?

Z:  No.

Me: The bag holding your toys, the penguin's nose?

Z: No, mama, NO.

A: The street sign! OH, wait - I got it, the traffic light!

Z: No, it's the sun abba.. Wait, where did the sun go?