Monday, February 20, 2006

7 days to go...

My last monday in a & my first apartment....I'm already missing our place...
- the sunlight reflecting off my plants.
- the horrible view from my window, but which i love because my friends knock on my window to gain back-door entry.
- our dining table with its director chairs.
- our comfy futon
- our kitchen, so small, that a & i cannot cook in it together
- our small home office which is still finding it way to perfection
- a's home office which he's done up in a way that has his signature all over it :)
- the books and magazines scattered in every empty space they can find for themselves
- my bamboo plant

even though i'll take all these things to our new home, it's how they found their place in our first apt. that makes it special. it was ours, mine and his...and it will never be the same..

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Dead Space: where we forget
Empty Space: where possibilities emerge
My Space: where escape is everpresent
Shared Space: you know you it must be love
Wild Space: where i am constantly reborn
Doomspace: slug-a-chug-chug

Reshaping the box

"The secret of all effective originality in advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships."
~ Leo Burnett

Thursday, February 02, 2006

typography tricks

how easy was this for you to read? excuse what it says, i stumbled across it.


"Think outside the box" is a cliche most heard by designers, writers, architects, entrepreneurs, marketers and all other personas involved in the creation of new ideas or of re-inventing of the old. Every once in a while your ideas dry up and you find yourself looking at a blank slate. You reach out in different directions, looking under rocks, in an old musty corner, behind our pile of papers, underwater; looking for something different, something out of the ordinary to light the spark...last year, i went through this phase - it lasted a really long time. my bookshelf grew, i sipped on the most extreme types of chai, i rearranged my furniture a zillion times, i thought it was the lack of feng shui in my life, you name it, i tried didn't work..

Then one day, my typical day, chai in one hand, morning paper in the other, i was hit with the simple realization that i was looking in the wrong places...the spark that i was trying to hard to find was already burning inside myself. i just had to discover how i was going to use my spark to light my creativity candle...and with each discovery came a different idea..and it was in the process of lighting my creativity candle that re-invented the old and shaped the new... it was about 'looking inside the box', the box called you, that is sometimes the most inspiring, the most creative and the most fun...

when you buy a really good book, watch an inspiring movie, buy flowers, handbags, shoes, how you share your excitement with someone. you go on about how they look, feel, taste, inspire you....isn't that the making of really good idea? we tend to overlook this mini-bits of inspirations that are a part of our every day.

if you love something, it'll leave a mark in your life and it can help you leave you mark with your latest project. happy lovemarking everyone!