Thursday, December 08, 2005

happy birthday muppet

thanks you..

you have been:
- my pillar of strength
- my anchor of support
- my shoulder to cry on
- my partner in crime
- my alarm clock
- my plan B, C, D, E and F
- my migraine-curer
- my shopoholic pill
- my 'all men are ********' companion (that was soooooo long ago!)
- my econ-nut: our life can be coherently explained by looking at the J-curve effect
- the crazzeee person who encouraged our walks to get coffee cake when it was pouring
- my earl-grey chai partner (i really really miss our 5-min chai breaks)
- my critic
- my jolt into harsh reality
- my food-testing partner (remember the cheese jalapenos at xananas? and the 27th spoon?)

you have made my life:
- finger-lickin' fun
- exziting
- crazzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
- a tad bit scary (think about marx, jeffy, aristotle)
- exhilirating
but most importantly, you've made it 'real'...and for that i thanks you

as you celebrate on the 'wrong' side of the atlantic, and i'm stuck giving exams on the right side, i hope you enjoy a birthday full of *twinkle-sparkle-glitter*. love ya lots.

ps: i do have better pics of us but this is the only one on my laptop (yes i formatted my laptop yet again and my backup files are...hmmm...oh gosh ;)

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mayya said...

ahhhhh! I remember the J-curve, or so I think. It has something to do with exchange rates jumping up and down innnit

:s I need to go back to school I think :p