Tuesday, November 15, 2005

house, my home and i

i've been trying hard to make sense of the chaos in my life... my career, my academics, my emotional life and inevitably my financial life...it's not been easy...everytime i think it's falling into place, something or someone, decides to give it a bit of an unwelcome shake...

it's a contradiction of feelings really... a and i have finally settled into our own place, made an apt a home, or something like it... over the last couple of months, the place has taken on our smell and our accents, it's been moulded by our moodiness and manic re-decorate sessions, anxious at first, we made it ours - it became us.

and now, we might have to move again. i'm not too sure why. i was given an optoin and we talked it over and i was excited, i still am. but deep down, a small part of my heart, is anxious yet again. and it makes me wonder why?

well i guess, i'll just have to spring clean my home a couple of months earlier and learn to take our smell, our accents and our moodiness where ever we go...

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