Saturday, November 19, 2005

crack-a-doodle-do, i love you

i went to a friend's baby shower today. the room was filled with my friends; newly-weds like myself and new moms. it had been a while since we'd all met, the last time was at my bridal shower. i still remember that fun, summer day; my friends trying to celebrate my last couple of weeks of 'single-dom'.

currently, i'm still gently treading into the bliss of marriage, a new 'phase' in my life. i'm trying to 'truly experience' the experience, blend myself into the process without losing the essence of me and i'm learning how to mix the new with the old, without losing my value for the old. it's not easy, but with every day and little more experience, it gets easier.

at every new phase of my life, i go through this whole new process of renewal, rejuvenation and settling in. along with girlfriends, we celebrate our new chapter in life with a party, a shower, a get-together; our way of saying "good for you girl - we'll always be there for you"

as i progress along the phase, i forget the baby steps i've taken at the beginning, infact i tend to forget the commencement of that phase totally, as it seems to blend it with something new. however, with this magical phase in my life, where i see the world with another set of eyes and i have another set of hands hold me and supporting me as i go through, i want to hold on to every breath, every touch, every wish, every moment, every tear and every smile.


jammie said...

i feel like i wrote this. some words are almost exactly what i did write in one of my past posts..about retaining the essence of me. hehe. i guess im not so original after all :D

NZH said...

:P after reading some of your posts and browsing through your pictures, i really think you are - where do you work btw, do they realise what an asset you are?

Anonymous said...

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