Monday, November 14, 2005

happiness headache

i suffer from's not a very pleasant experience..i try to describe it to those around me who try to understand why - why i shut the lights off, shy away from noise, switch my cell off, snuggle into bed and isolate myself from the world... once in a month i write off a day because of this...

i watched oprah winfrey's 20th anniversary show today.. i learn something every time i watch it, about interviewing, about life, about risks and about pushing the limits a little bit more every time around. today she shared her feelings about meeting her mentors and how at the end of it, her head pounded with 'happiness'.

other than migraines, i also suffer from headaches.. when i've had a crazy but fun weekend, spending time with friends and family and catching up on stuff i've wanted to do, occassionally, my head pounds..i've never understood why..i've done what i enjoyed and spent time with people i loved..

happiness headache? maybe.

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