Wednesday, November 23, 2005

express your shelf

i re-organized my bookshelf today and made another long wish-list of books. isn't our book shelf another expression of our sense of self and identity?


'noods said...

I totally 120% always thought the same thing. What we choose to read says so much about a person. I used to borrow books from the library alot, but now its like even though I don't typically read books twice, I buy my books and just keep them, because they become part of you, your identity as you mentioned.

jammie said...

sigh. i can read absolute trash sometimes. *im trashy* :( but to my credit i was and always be a literature buff at heart despite my meanderings in life as a graphic designer....
thanks for visiting my blog!!

NZH said...

noods: i only have one other friend who shares your name; i think it's so unique. what does it mean?
i've pretty much started doing the same; i rarely ever borrow a book, unless its for research.
however, i ended up spending all my money on books; so currently, i'm trying to figure out make this habit a cost-effective one!

jammie: as a person who reads anything i can get my hands on, i tend to read trash too and occasionally its good to read mindless crap to distinguish really good material from the rest. i just came across you blog and am loving it! i realise we're in similar phases of our personal life and i'm amazed and actually relieved, that someone's going through the same 'crazy, yet fun' emotional process.