Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pottery Workshop

A few months ago, a couple of friends and I visit spent a Wednesday evening  at the Gardiner Museum. I had been wanting to try the drop-in clay workshop for a while and finally, enticed by the company of two friends, I ventured downtown on a cold day.

We spent all our time at the potter's wheel, trying to get the right balance between shape and speed. I probably worked with five pieces of clay and ended up with two pieces (both bowls) that I was happy with. I have to admit there is a certain thrill attached to molding something raw and ugly into something beautiful.

I remember feeling a certain frustration at my inability to perfect the piece and I was told by the facilitator that it's all about getting a feel for how the wheel moves and how my hands work against the clay; something that can only be learnt with time and practice. For someone like me, who need short-term gratification ever so often, I really think these workshops allow me to realize the rewards of patience and work accomplished over a longer period of time...
 (images by nisreen halai for the inkpression blog)

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