Tuesday, March 22, 2011

!nkspiration: Joan Platt Pottery

While backpacking across England during my year abroad at university, I stumbled across a local potter in the Lake District. He worked from a beautiful shed-converted-studio and I spent several hours watching him work. I left inspired by his patience and creativity.

Recently, I tried my hand at the potter's wheel. It had been a while since I worked with clay; the last time was when I was a child and I spent quite a few weekend mornings at the Clay Studio at the British Arts Council, keeping busy while my mom taught art classes. 

The two-hours flew by; not only was it fun, it was really relaxing. I made two bowls which were left to be glazed and I need to go back to complete them and perhaps spend some more time on the wheel. While looking for inspiration I came across the work of Joan Platt. Aren't her bowls just so pretty? I am loving the spring green colours..

"Ceramics is a process, and I love that each step is separated by stretches of time," says Joan. I think that's a part of the reason I love ceramics too.

Above are a few pics of her studio converted from a farm shed. Such a dreamy workspace!

(photos via Country Living)

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