Saturday, October 17, 2009

This week with Z...

A totally unplanned night-over at grandma's today. And I'm missing Z terribly. I'm so tempted to drive over and pick her up. The only thing stopping me is the possibility that I'll really hurt their feelings and Z's sleep being disturbed. 

I love you Z. I'm so excited I get to spend all day with you tomorrow (my hands-on business session got canceled which worked out really well for me!). You've got an exciting weekend ahead of you...

The 'new-s' this week:
- You learnt how to say pink "penck" and you confuse it with "thead" (red) but you've almost got it nailed
- The first couple of things you say when you wake up in the morning are "udhar jaana amma" (i want to go there mom) and you point to the door that takes us out of the room to the kitchen and you want to "dwaw" and drink "jus".
- You kiss us (aba and amma) on the lips and then squeal with excitement.
- You put your arms around yourself and say huggie (it's the cutest thing ever)
- You get super excited at the thought of wearing your "boots" and jacket. You stand by the door willing it to open so you can run out as soon as you have your outer gear on. You love the chill in the air, so unlike your mom!
- You love pulling you "mins" (clips) out of your hair. Every time you take it out, you run along to give me your "min" so I can put it away.

- When I take you to the bathroom to brush your teeth, you call out to your brush "brushie, brushie, brushie..."
- You hold my cheek when you sleep. 
- You love sitting on the kitchen countertop.
- You want to hear a story (and not from a book) before nap time. You don't like nap time anymore.
- You have started liking you bread sticks dipped in cheese.
- You say "c'est" before everything. C'est brushies, c'est crayon, c'est book, c'est boots, c'est shoes. I know you don't realise it's very french, but i love it :)
- You enjoyed watching the movie No Reservations with me. I enjoyed it more because we watched it together.

I hope tomorrow morning comes soon.
Good night my lovely Z - sleep tight!


kanwal said...

Z sounds to be at such a fun age mashallah....looks such a cutie in red!

Sonia said...

adorable mashallah :)

NZH said...

kanwal - thanks! it's an awesome age :) it has it's own trials and tribulations but the communication is oh! SO MUCH FUN!

Sonia - thanks for dropping by.