Friday, January 27, 2006

a new minority..

i went to vote, for the first time ever on Monday Jan 23rd. I voted for a party that I didn't want to vote for, just so another party I didn't like wouldn't come into power. Democracy at it's best. Since I've just gotten married, well 5 months back, and changing your name is a crazy process out here, I received two voter cards, both with different last names, hence totally different identities. I was so tempted to cheat. I should have, if only one vote would have made the different.
So, the party I didn't like (to put it politely- I'm not one for politeness in politics, but I guess if I'm going to have to live with them, I might as well spend all my efforts praying that we don't become the 52nd state) was voted into power. And since then, the only thing different between what the Canadian PM and the American President says, is the time difference; ofcourse, our PM says it a day later... *sigh* i'm suffering from post-election blues..

on a better note, i was really excited to vote. when i walked in, card in one hand, ID in the other, all pumped up and with hope still lingering on the fringes of my very scattered emotions, I noticed that at every polling booth, the volunteer was from a different ethnic background. And for the first time, I really understood the meaning of 'the land of immigrants'...and that, my fellow Canadians, is the only thing that's keeping me going.


Saira said...

You go girl. :). I ended up not planning far ahead and consequently lost out. Argh.

Shezalldat said...

arghh! i, too, wish the NDp or the liberals won instead!