Tuesday, December 06, 2005

what is love?

is it:

- camping out together under the stars?
- waiting up until he/she comes home?
- staying up with him/her and holding her hand while he/she is sick?
- a smile lighting up your face at the thought of him/her?
- making him/her a candle-light dinner after a long day's work?
- saving the best part of the roast (even though it's your favourite) for him/her, because he/she loves it too?
- tolerating a pet peeve you have, just because he/she forgets occasionally that it bothers you to death?
- keeping a smile on your face, just because you have to publicly, even though the other is breaking inside?
- crying with the shower on (because something's upset you) but you don't want it to worry the other person? (from The Raincoat)
- not nagging?
- staying up with the person when he/she has to work late?
- snuggling up with the person on a cold winter day/night?
- having faith in your relationship even when you don't understand why things are shaping out the way they are?
- loving the person even when you don't understand them?
- when he/she murmurs your name?
- giving the umbrella to him/her on a rainy day?
- 'the' indescribable spark that gives you butterflies in your stomach?
- what makes you feel like a kid again?
- rediscovering the world through his/her eyes?
- loving someone because they make you a better person?
- loving someone because they will keep the last piece of chocolate just for you, even if they're tempted to eat it themselves? (*my favourite*)
- about making difficult choices?
- about sacrifice & compromise, but what's the limit then?
- about losing yourself in the eyes of another person?


mayya said...

and missing the person terribly, terribly and getting insanely restless when they're away and there's no way to communicate with them!

Nabeel said...

i've been collecting them for a long time. Once i assembled a book full of "love is" cutouts. Colored them too .. wrote various msgs on each page. she loved it!

Mars said...

:) ..."love is" are incredibly sweet...we all can relate to them (hopefully)