Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ballet Recital

 A perfect start to Mother's Day weekend this year was attending Z's ballet recital. Z has been doing ballet for a semester now and she loves it. She anxiously waits for Wednesday and is most sad at the end of her class. We were a bit anxious as to Z's stage nerves. She seemed excited in the week leading up to the show but with a three-year old, it's sometimes hard to tell what their excitement will translate to in front of an audience. She was awesome - she seemed to be enjoying herself on stage and actually performed, following her teacher's cues!

Her teacher, Jeanelle is super awesome! She is almost full term pregnant and still teaching a handful of classes and she put together an awesome show! I can only imagine what goes into hosting/organizing a performance with kids aged 3-8.

We celebrated with a sushi dinner and mango ice cream...

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Sadaf said...

Mashallah! She looks absolutely beautiful :)
Miss u Nis