Friday, April 29, 2011

Bunny Finger Puppets

For Easter this year, Z and I made bunny finger puppets to give to her classmates along with mini chocolate eggs. I was inspired by a craft I came across on Purl Soho. The puppets were really easy and fun to make but it took a lot longer than I had anticipated which is why the puppets have no eye or tail. If I had managed my time better or realised how long it would take, I would have added buttons for eyes and a small wool pom-pom as a tail.

If you would like to make them; it's fairly simple.
1) For each puppet you will need two colours of felt (we used pale pink/white, fuschia/white, red/white and dark grey/light grey combos - our white felt had a lovely silver shimmer to it). We had some felt in our craft closet and picked up the rest from Fabricland.
2) Draw an outline of a bunny so that it's height from head to the base (without the bunny ears) is as long as your index finger (ours was roughly 3" and the bunny ears were an additional 1.5" long). Cut two of each colour for one finger puppet.
3) Sandwich one colour between the other (for example, I placed both dark grey bunny pieces between the light grey ones) and stitch around the body using a blanket stitch. To make the nose, use several blanket stitches in pink.

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