Sunday, November 15, 2009



I cannot believe we're approaching the end of this year already. Where did it go? I know I say this almost every year, but really, this year went by really fast!

We took Z to Illuminite yesterday, the annual tree-lighting event at Yonge-Dundas in downtown Toronto. Even though we missed the firethrowers and the laser show, Z enjoyed the walk, the lights and the quiet time with A and I.

Z was fascinated by the lights but could not understand why they were not thead (red), her favourite colour. She loved running around the square and all the attention she was getting from passer-bys.

We stopped by at Salad King, our favourite Thai-on-the-go place (A and I have never ever enjoyed a meal there together). Z enjoyed herself sans high-chair, with the spoons and the songs that we were asked to sing to her on demand. 

As I was watching A entertain Z, I thought it's so simple really to make a child happy; a little bit of attention, some love, some music and crayons. Z has been a simple child from get-go, as long as kept her away from crowds and put her early to bed, she's been happy. Ofcourse, as a 20-month old, she now loves people (much like her father) and tries to fight off sleep as long as possible. I've definitely been missing my morning time with her on the weekdays but watching her with A, seeing their relationship grow (due to more of him and less of me) makes my heart tingle! I sometimes think it's me and not her, who's having a hard time letting go.

And as promised to Z, we finished the night off with Wanda's Waffles, a tiny Belgian waffle cafe, run by a father and son team.

Such a perfect Saturday night!

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Shezalldat said...

hey nis, im back. lets meet for sure. ill be downtown next weekend. wanda's waffle then?