Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Blossoming Memories...


My mom gave me a set of albums last week; pictures taken on our family holidays. I still remember the absolutely lovely trip my parents planned to Europe for our family. I was thirteen at the time and they had planned an extensive 5 week vacation to include 9 countries. Of the 5 weeks, we spent an entire week in The Netherlands. We flew to Schipol Airport, rented a spanking red BMW (my dad loves cars) and drove around the country. I can still taste their almond tarts which we would indulge in every time we were in need of a fill up (since they were only available at the petrol pumps). We drove from Amsterdam to Groningen (where my dad had some work) stopping along quaint little towns such as The Hague Edam, Volendam and a few others, along the way. If it was possible to savour the fragrance of a place, I tell you, I have The Netherlands' scent stored in a little bottle tucked away in my heart.

Sharing these memories with A brought upon teary-eyed nostalgia and as a very thoughtful cheering up gesture, he bought home tulip bulbs to plant in our front yard. Over the weekend, A and Z planted red, cranberry and white bulbs in our front yard. I'm so excited to seem them blossom in spring!

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